EGL-Pyramid-Kettle-Pink-0Welcome to Pink Kettle – one of the best places on the internet to help you find a perfect pink kettle for your kitchen, bedroom or office. If you are looking for kettles with the ability to stand out in any living area or working environment then there are plenty to choose from, especially in the many tones of pink such as baby or hot pink, magenta and pastel.

If a kettle is available to buy in the UK in the colour pink we will do the best we can to find it and list it here in our large selection. We spend a great deal of time searching the internet finding amazing pink kettles from the top brands.

Our aim is to help you buy in confidence at the best prices available. All of the kettles specifications and features are helpfully listed along with a product description once you click on one of our kettles below. If you are unsure what any of the features we’ve listed mean then don’t fret – we’ve created a handy guide to kettle features listed at the bottom of this page. It gives an explanation for features such as “boil dry protection” and “concealed element”.

Where available previous buyers reviews have been added to ensure you’re new kettle not only looks great but also works efficiently and stands the test of time. We hope here you can find yourself a pink kettle that you will be proud to add to your kitchen.

Why Pink?

These days many modern kitchens feature colour a lot more boldly than previously. With most big name manufacturers in the kitchen appliance field making products available in a full range of colours, the consumer is no longer left limited with black, white or metallic products to adorn their kitchens with. Colour now plays a big part in the feng shui of any room evoking different feelings and emotions from those surrounded by the interior.

What can the colour pink do for your kitchen?

Pastel pink is often considered to be a feminine colour and is the main colour of choice when buying for a baby girl (although it occasionally has fleeting movements within men’s fashion). It is associated with love and peace and is one of the least threatening of the colours. It has the ability to transform your kitchen into a welcoming hive of activity making the area a calm and relaxed environment.

If relaxed isn’t your style then the racy hot pink and magenta kettles may be more up your street. Associated with passion and vitality, a kettle in these tones could get your morning off to a fiery start, helping you approach the day head on. If your kitchen is better suited to a party atmosphere then these bright pink colours will certainly highlight and entertain, livening up any guests in their proximity.

It is however advised to use pink sparingly in any area of the home as having a pink overload has the ability to give off the illusion of living in a fantasy world! Pink is a great option if you are looking to escape the monotony of everyday life. Where as a pastel pink kettle could bring about a relaxed rose tinted start to your morning, a hot pink kettle could help give you the excitement you crave to start the day!

My Kitchen Accessories Pink Advert

Rated “Our Best Pink Kettle”!

From iconic fridge to best kettle – Smeg have done it again with their cordless pastel pink kettle.

This beautifully designed kettle has a retro vive to equal it’s older fridge siblings and with a host of brilliant features what’s not to love about this fantastic pink kettle?

With this Kettle from Smeg you’ll discover –

  • a great looking stainless steel powder coated body
  • a chrome handle
  • adorable anti slip feet
  • the most unusual steel ball lever knob for switching on the kettle.

With it’s 1.7 litre capacity and 3kW of power (rapid boil) you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently make 6 cups of tea effortlessly. Other features include –

  • removable stainless steel limescale filter
  • concealed element (for easy cleaning to keep your water tasting fresh)
  • double water indicator (Litre/Cup)
  • 360 degree base
  • built-in cord wrap
  • auto shut‐off when water is not detected.

This great range of kettles from Smeg have received some great reviews and we happen to agree that they really are a cut above the rest. We particularly love this pink kettle for it’s beautiful pastel pink shade and utterly wonderful retro charm. Pink Kettle gives it a massive 5 out of 5 for being feature rich and uniquely stylish.

Our Pink Kettles…

We’ve taken a number of hours searching the internet to find and list the best kettles within the pink colour spectrum. Within our range you’ll find every type of pink kettle you could want including dome kettles, whistling stovetop kettles, jug kettles, pyramid kettles and traditional kettles.

We include as many kettles as is possible to give you as wider choice. We also include reviews from others that have purchased the same kettle so you can make a more informed decision. Although opinions vary drastically we urge you to read the reviews before making a purchase to guarantee that you are still over the moon with your product months after your purchase. For more coloured kitchen accessories and kettles, our friends at my kitchen accessories have a wide range to choose from. Some Purple or Red kitchen accessories added to your pink environment could work wonders with your kitchen colour scheme!

Whether you are looking for a pale pink kettle in baby pink, rose or pastel or something much brighter such as fuschia, hot pink or magenta, we’re sure you’ll find a pink kettle in just the right shade. We stock kettles in every tone from innovative brands like Abode, Breville, Bugatti, EGL, Kenwood, Premier Housewares, Prima, Rozza, Smeg, Swan, Tristar and Wesco.

Here you can browse a wide range of high quality kettles at the best UK prices from a number of the top manufacturers. You will find both contemporary and traditional kettles in our collection. Whether you are looking for something retro, or a stylish modern looking kettle by companies like Swan or SMEG, you are sure to find some beautiful pink kitchen appliances here.

Features to consider


Rapid Boil

If you’re looking to be able to boil water as quickly as possible then you’ll be needing a “Rapid Boil” kettle. Kettles with a wattage of 3kW are usually classified as “Rapid Boil” although performance can vary throughout the different brands and models. It is therefore recommended to always read other customers reviews before making your final purchase. Most 3kW kettles are going to be outstandingly fast though.


The pink kettles here on hold anywhere between 1.5 litres and 3 litres of water. Our smallest kettle is therefore capable of boiling 6 cups of water with one boil as the average cup requires about 250ml of water. You can view the capacity of each kettle on the listings page before you click to view the entire product description.

Boil Dry Protection

Probably the most essential feature any modern electric kettle should have. It quite simply means that should your kettle be turned on when it has no water in it then it will automatically shut-off. This extremely important safety feature will help to ensure the life of the kettle is a long one.

Removable Limescale Filter

While these days most modern electric kettles have limescale filters you should look out for one with an easy to remove filter. This will make removing limescale from your kettle a far simpler process. Your kettle’s filter is an essential piece that will need maintenance to keep your water free from limescale and therefore tasting delicious. Just remove, rinse and replace!

Concealed Element

Only the truly budget kettles seem to lack this great feature, opting for a cheaper open element. An open element is extremely problematic however – it allows for the gradual build-up of limescale (often the cause of most kettles eventually failing).

With a concealed element the build-up of limescale is easy to prevent. This is due to how easy it is to clean out the inside of your kettle. If you peer inside a kettle with a concealed element you will simply notice a flat stainless steel bottom that secretly houses the element.

Kettles with open elements contain what resemble unsightly coiled tubes and therefore lots of unreachable surface area to make cleaning near impossible – well totally impossible in our view!

360 Degree Base

A standard feature on most kettles – though you may still find budget kettles without it – a 360 degree base allows the user to replace the kettle on its base from any direction. This feature makes a kettle perfect for left and right handed users as it means no awkward twisting of the wrist when replacing your kettle. It is also a fantastic feature to have for the elderly and those with weak, frail or arthritic wrists.

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